Medicine Donation

The medical center is built with 25 units facilitated with a pharmacy (free) consultant room, Emergency unit and other facilities to meet treatment so as necessary which 15 the main object of this medical center.

The clawless which is the priority of healing requires that every unit accommodating sick bikkus were to be cleaned at least three  times a day with gem hilling liquids sprays etc. change of rubes bed line to boiled and washed and be replaced.

Daily visits by specialists to check sick bikkus and give them the necessary toxics. the senator needs and operations require at least 12 personal who are expiereawced in this lector war the venerable galigamuwe Gnanadeepa thero has planed this operation. In order to keep this medical hospital with all the above activities in operation the expense   roughly calculated  is approximately five hundred thousand per month. To add to this unexpected surgeries and if a bikku passes away the final rights and cremation also has been planed by seela suwa arana medical foundation. The bikkus falling prey to illness  and unexpected ill-health need medical attention. It Is the Great will and desirer  and determination of venerable Galigamuwe Gnanadeepa Thero to meet these medical needs without the burden of finance on the sick bikkus to be born by budist devotees who wish the blessing of lord budda. Those who wish to be linked to this sacred act please contact the vender mention no’s for the details.




Sheela Suwa Arana was enogreated on the 21st of February 2015 on the date of Galigamuwe Gnanadeepa Thero’s birthday. In the first session of launching indicates a Buddha Vihar, a few rooms for the purpose of using diseased monks, alms giving hall, Meditation paths.



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