This is the concept by Venerable Galigamuwe Gnanadeepa Thero. The construction of this medical center is underway. The main object of this is to extend a spiritual hand to Buddhist Bikkus who are in need of medical treatment housing them in the medical center where they will receive special care, love sympathy and the necessary medicine attention including surgical needs.

Special attention to Bikkus from remote areas who have no means to meet even the day to day basic needs when taken ill would be admitted for medical attention. All this is done with the help of devotees. During this period if a Bikku passes away the final rights and cremation too is to be carried by this medical foundation.

This act is a deed rendered to load buddhas way it is with this ideology that this medical center has taken root. Therefore any who wish to contribute towards this concept are welcome with load Buddhas blessing.

පූජ්‍ය ගිලිගමුවේ ඤාණාදීප හිමියන් ගිලන් භික්ෂූන් වහන්සේලා හට උවටැන් කරමින්

Medical Equipment Donation

The under mentioned medical equipment are a must for our daily use to diagnose sickness of the warded Bikkus. Those willing to contribute in any way possible please contact through the give phone numbers.

Ayurvedic Medicine Donation

Bikkus undergoing indoor treatment and for outdoor treatment an Aurweda treatment center is to be inaugurated on the 1st of August 2015 and it has been decided to lay the foundation on this date it will consist of room for Punchakarma treatment removal of medicine applied.

Medicine Donation

The medical center is built with 25 units facilitated with a pharmacy (free) consultant room, Emergency unit and other facilities to meet treatment so as necessary which 15 the main object of this medical center.

Sheela Suwa Arana was enogreated on the 21st of February 2015 on the date of Galigamuwe Gnanadeepa Thero’s birthday. In the first session of launching indicates a Buddha Vihar, a few rooms for the purpose of using diseased monks, alms giving hall, Meditation paths.



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